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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs New Features?

We really hoped that EA would improve FIFA 20 Pro Clubs in a huge way, but this time it is another small ‘package’ of changes, just like the one before in FIFA 18. “Major” changes coming for FIFA 20 Pro Clubs: new avatar customization system (better face editing, new skin tones) old positions are […]

FIFA 20 Best Digital Download Deals

Where to buy FIFA 18 for the cheapest price?¬†Find out below featuring best deals for the newest installment of FIFA game on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Including digital deals featuring download code, no physical disc. FIFA 20 for PC digital download – Origin –¬† $44.79 On you can also get 5% off […]

How to play FIFA 23 early?

There are a few ways to play FIFA 23 early, including Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team. Here’s a detailed listing of these. FIFA 23 Closed Beta Closed beta for every FIFA starts around the middle of August. The beta is separated on Pro Clubs, Online Seasons and Ultimate Team betas. When you are chosen to […]

FIFA 19 Pro Clubs new features?

Unfortunately, no love from EA for FIFA 19 Pro Clubs mode this year. Last year we’ve had a few improvements, nothing really big, but it was something. This year there’s so minor stuff it’s not really noticeable. That’s main menu of Pro Clubs, nothing changed besides the colors. There are some new boots by the […]

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features

On 10th of August 2017 FIFA 18 Beta for Pro Clubs and other modes kicked in, so we have some new features and improvements that we can look at in the new FIFA. Some new features or improved features in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs include: Hairstyles in every length Celebrations Kit Designs Kit Colours Custom […]