Max overall rating and skill points in Pro Clubs

Reaching Max Level Fast in FC 24 Pro Clubs: Strategies and Tips

EA FC 24 Pro Clubs is an engaging and competitive game mode, but leveling up can be a challenge for some players. This article offers tips and advice on how to reach the max level quickly, so you can get the most out of your FC 24 Pro Clubs experience.

Max Skill Points on Pro Clubs

In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, the maximum number of skill points a player can earn is 185, up from the previous 100. This change allows for a more enjoyable gaming experience, with max level players having overall ratings between 89 and 92. Max level you can achieve in FC 24 Clubs is 100.

Reduced Number of Games to get it

EA has decreased the number of games required to reach max level. Previously, players needed to play around 1,000 games, whereas now it takes roughly 400 games. This adjustment makes it easier for players to level up without sacrificing too much of their free time.

Tips for Leveling Up your Virtual Pro

  1. Avoid playing as “Any” – Players controlling the entire team as “Any” receive less XP than those controlling only their Pro. To maximize your leveling up process, avoid playing as “Any.”
  2. Play Volta and Pro Clubs to get the maximum amount of XP points.
  3. Play Skill Games – FIFA 23 introduced Skill Games, which reward players with XP. However, there is a weekly cap of 2,000 XP. Take advantage of Skill Games to get some extra XP when you have downtime.
  4. Use Effective Builds – Having a good build increases your chances of performing well in matches, resulting in more goals, assists, and ultimately more XP. Check out various build guides for help in creating an effective build.
  5. Skill Point Glitch – Although not recommended, there is a skill point glitch that can help you level up quickly. It involves starting a game with a friend and having them leave as soon as the match starts, allowing you to gain XP. Be aware that this method can negatively impact your stats, so use it with caution. – it’s already patched.
  6. Focus on Match Ratings – High match ratings are crucial for earning more XP. To improve your match ratings, concentrate on passing accuracy, making successful tackles, and maintaining good positioning throughout the game. Also, ensure that you contribute to your team’s performance by scoring goals or providing assists.
  7. Set Personal Milestones – FIFA 23 rewards players for reaching specific milestones such as goals scored, assists provided, or matches played. Keep track of these milestones and aim to reach them to earn extra XP.
  8. Play with a Consistent Team – Playing with a consistent group of teammates can help improve communication and team coordination, leading to better performance in matches. A well-coordinated team is more likely to achieve victories, which translates to more XP earned.
  9. Complete Weekly and Seasonal Objectives – FIFA 23 features weekly and seasonal objectives that provide XP rewards upon completion. Make sure to check these objectives regularly and work on completing them to earn additional XP.
  10. Learn from High-Level Players – Watching high-level players’ gameplay can provide insights into effective strategies and techniques to improve your performance. Observe their playstyles, builds, and decision-making to help refine your own gameplay.
  11. Practice, Practice, Practice – As with any game, practice is essential for improvement. Invest time in mastering your Pro’s controls, learning advanced techniques, and understanding the game mechanics. The more skilled you become, the better your chances of earning more XP in matches.

This post will be updated as more info about max players overall follows. If you see someone with a higher rating than listed above – let us know in the comments.

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