Summary of League Information

This information will remind you of our captain meeting but also if you didn’t attend, it will serve as your induction. Please be aware, even if you did attend the meeting, there are new or different features so please read on. We will summarise the important match day rules, registration rules, screenshot rules, entering results and arranging matches, everything else is on the rules page on the website.

Website & Registration

  • Players can only be in one team
  • Players must be registered and accepted before they play a match
  • You have 8 transfers a season, this means only 8 players can join, so recruit wisely. (transfers are unlimited until matchweek 2)
  • Every player must have his own Origin ID in his created player information (bottom of edit page).
  • How to register and create the player: Creating a Player

Arranging a Match

  • The HOME captain or team should make the first attempt to organise the match. If you don’t hear from the home team captain, contact them yourself. In both instances you will need to add the opponent captain on Origin or private message through the website to organise.
  • You must play the match within the correct Matchweek, the website homepage will tell you what matchweek it is and what dates it applies to.
  • If you cannot arrange a time, the admins will pick for you.
  • Once you have agreed on a time, the HOME captain needs to do the arranging on the website, watch this video on how: Arranging a match


  • The HOME team needs to invite the opponent, we advise talking in chat and asking if they are ready, be fair and work together.
  • The HOME has priority on kit colour if they clash, again we advise discussing before the match.
  • You must have 5 human players in the match. Everyone’s ‘Known As’ in their player creation must match their website name in some way or another.
  • If you lose players, you must carry on, however, you are allowed to quit and restart once per fixture if the game time is under 5:00 minutes.
  • The winning team must take screenshots of the match for the website, it is heavily advised that you get someone else to also take some for backup.


  • There are 4 screenshots needed:
  • Match Facts, Match Events, Home team Assists & Away team Assists.
  • We recommend Gyazo as a good screenshot capture program if you don’t have one. Shadowplay is also a good option.
  • See below for the correct screenshot examples:

(use RT or LT to change between the home and away team when getting the assists screenshots)

Entering the Result

  • The winning team must enter the result, for a draw the HOME team does it.
  • All goals, assists and cards must be entered correctly.
  • Please watch this video on how to do so: Entering Match Results

Enjoy the League!

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