Pro11 League Rules

1) Website

1.1) Each club has the option to appoint one fixture coordinator alongside the manager.

1.2) It is up to the team captains and managers to organise their club members to become registered on the website.

1.3) Each player must have been registered and accepted 24 hours before their first match.

1.4) Non accepted players used in match will result in a general 2-0 defeat for using team.

1.5) Non registered players used in match will result in a general 2-0 defeat for using team.

2) Season

2.1) Every team plays each other twice, once home and once away spread out over the season.

2.2) Away goals do not count, each result is a final result added to the league table.

2.3) There is a 2 week break in between each season.

2.4) There are least 3 seasons a year.

2.5) A season half is the point after the mid term fixture, this means after every team has played each other once.

2.6) During each season half there is a one week break known as ‘Mid term break’

2.7) During each mid term break the respective league admin will assess all teams to check they match transfer regulations, to also accommodate for any needs by said team.

3) Transfers

3.1) Each team has a selected amount of free transfers before each season starts.

3.2) New teams have unlimited transfers for their first 2 weeks after registration.

3.3) Players leaving the club do not count as a transfer.

3.4) There is a maximum of 23 players per team.

Season Free Transfers Date Range
Season 1 8 January 2017 – April 2017
Season 2 5 TBD
Season 3 5 TBD

*the amount of transfers allowed is changeable by the league administration team without notice*

4) Matches

4.1) Each team must field at least 5 human players.

4.2) Each player must have changed their players name to what their Known As in FIFA is.

4.3) The use of the ANY slot is not allowed and never will be, doing this will result in a 2-0 loss.

4.4) Players are not allowed to try to glitch or foul play with goalkeepers, such as blocking him so he cannot kick the ball up the pitch.

4.5) Time wasting is not allowed, such as holding the ball in the corner for 5 minutes to end the match.

4.6) You are allowed to leave the match within 5 ingame minutes of kick off should you have any player or other issues.

4.6.1) If a goal was scored within that 5 minute period, it is added onto the rematch.

4.6.2) Each team is allowed to do this 5 minute leave option once per fixture.

4.7) If there are invite problems the two captains must decide if one team should create a new temporary team or to call it off and re-fixture the match another time.

4.7.1) If the same invite issues happen again on the rescheduled match, the game will result in a 0-0 draw.

4.8) It is up to the captains to discuss what colour kits will be used. The HOME team has priority in colour.

4.9) When playing a match you must be in the club that matches the club registered.

5) Entering results

5.1) It is the responsibility of the winning team captain to enter the results. If a draw, the home team are then responsible.’

5.2) All goals, assists and cards must be entered correctly.

5.3) Please watch this video on how to enter the results: Entering Match Results

5.4) Results must be entered the same day, it does not take more than 10 minutes to do.

6) Match Arrangement

6.1) Matches should be arranged at least 3 days beforehand, ideally a week.

6.2) A team is allowed to be 15 minutes late for the match, please do be lenient and use fair play, everyone has problems sometimes.

6.3) If you are having trouble, you must tell the other team captain immediately so that the game can be delayed slightly.

6.4) Ultimately the team that is on time, is allowed to reject the delayed option if the 15 minutes has passed, this results in a 2-0 win however ALL cases will be heavily reviewed and the teams can appeal for rematch.

6.5) Matches not played at the correct time or date may be vetoed by an admin and a rematch may be arranged.

7) Card rule

7.1) All yellow and red cards must be recorded with the match result.

7.1.1) Failing to record a penalty card may have serious repercussions for the team.

7.2) A red card means the player misses the next match, no exceptions.

7.2.1) If the team then fails to meet the 5 man minimum, they lose the match 2-0.

7.3) Once 5 yellow cards are accumulated, the player will be banned for one match and his yellow card tally will reset (but still keeping the number), i.e. 5 yellows = 1 red = 1 game ban.

8) Screenshots

8.1) It is up to the team captain to make sure that the match has screenshot proof.

8.2) Only the winning team has to upload the screenshots, if it’s a draw then the home team does it.

8.3) You have to make four screenshots: Match Facts, Match Events, Home team Assists & Away team Assists.



All rules and regulations are subject to administration decisions with the aim to stay true to each rule in most cases.