Lengthy vs Controlled vs Explosive in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 comes back with it’s players’ sprint feature called AcceleRATE 2.0, which assigns each player in the game an archetype that determines how they utilize their pace on the field. Among these archetypes, three popular acceleration types are Lengthy, Controlled, and Explosive. Each type has its own characteristics and can greatly impact your gameplay experience in EA FC 24.

Explosive (Pure)<= 175 cm (~5’9’’)

[5’9.3 ft / 176.2 cm]
>= 80>= 80>= 20
Mostly Explosive<= 182 cm (~6’0’’)

[6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]
>= 70>= 80>= 12
Controlled Explosive<= 182 cm (~6’0’’)

[ 6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]
>= 65>= 70>= 4
Controlled Lengthy>= 181 cm (~5’11’’)

[5’11.1 ft / 180.6 cm]
>= 65>= 40>= 4
Mostly Lengthy>= 183 cm (~6’0’’)

[5’11.8 / 182.57 cm]
>= 75>= 55>= 12
Lengthy (Pure)>= 188 cm (~6’2’’)

[6’1.8 ft / 187.45 cm]
>= 80>= 55>= 20


The Lengthy acceleration type is attributed to tall players who may take a while to reach their top speed, but excel over long distances. These players may seem a bit sluggish initially, but once they get into their stride, they can cover large areas of the pitch with ease. With their long stride, they have the advantage of maintaining their pace over extended periods.


Controlled acceleration type represents players who utilize their pace in a balanced and controlled manner. It is the most common type of acceleration, and players with this attribute can maintain their speed consistently throughout the game. They can make calculated bursts when needed and have a good balance between acceleration and top speed. This type of acceleration ensures stability and control over a player’s pace.


On the other hand, the Explosive acceleration type belongs to more agile players who have a quick burst of speed off the mark. These players can reach their top speed rapidly, but they gradually slow down over time. They rely on their agility and quick acceleration to create spaces and outpace opponents in short bursts. While they may not have the stamina to maintain their speed for extended periods, they are exceptional in explosive situations.

It is crucial to take into account these acceleration types when building your team or signing new players in EA FC 24. Each type offers specific advantages and disadvantages, so understanding how they can impact gameplay can give you an edge on the virtual pitch.

Acceleration types on video example


Lengthy, Controlled, and Explosive are three distinctive acceleration types in EA FC 24, each with its own unique characteristics. Lengthy players may take time to reach their top speed but excel over long distances, while Controlled players maintain a balanced and controlled pace throughout the game. Explosive players have a rapid burst of speed but gradually slow down over time. Choosing players with the right acceleration type can significantly impact your gameplay and strategies in EA FC 24.

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