Best Funny Pro Clubs Player Names

Are you looking for some good and/or funny Pro Clubs player names for your FIFA 23 virtual player pro? Here’s a little list, be sure to leave a comment with other good ones too!

  • Ruud Van Nippleroy
  • Boom Xhakalaca
  • Bacuna Matata
  • Camavinga Boy
  • Haaland Security
  • Pique Boo
  • Issac M’dick
  • Peter File
  • Bacary Lasagna
  • EdCar Davids
  • Caradonna
  • Zinadine Sedan
  • What a save!
  • Whoops!
  • SpangeBoob
  • I met your mom and
  • Turt McChang
  • Ray-peest
  • Mike Hunt
  • Hugh G. Rection
  • Craven Morehead
  • Oliver Klozoff
  • Rubbergently
  • My little Kone
  • For Fuchs Sake
  • I got no manĂ©y
  • Not too Xabi
  • Son of Pitch
  • Rubber gently
  • Pepe Pig


  1. These were very funny however none made me laugh at all, even a slightly or a small smile. Please update immediately and reconsider everything you have known in your life.
    Good job, keep it up

    Kind regards,
    Bacary lasagne

  2. put tincandan in there
    good name best pro clubs player
    autistic autism is the worst player in pro clubs trust me
    and bacon fat is litttttttt

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