FC 24 Clubs: Playoffs Explained

In EA FC 24 Clubs, the Leagues and Divisions system has undergone a major overhaul. The season is now divided into two stages: the League Phase and the Playoff Phase, each spanning six weeks.

Clubs League Phase

The League Phase marks the beginning of every season. Here, you earn points through winning matches to advance your Club. You start in Division 5 and can play unlimited matches. Losing no longer negatively affects your rank, as relegation is no longer an option.

League Matches

In League Matches, you earn points that take you closer to promotion. Progressing to higher Divisions means tougher opponents and the need for more points to advance to Promotion Matches.

Promotion Matches

When your club reaches the points threshold, you move to Promotion Matches. Here, you must win a specific number of matches from a fixed total, such as “Win 2 out of 5 matches”. Failing to do so will not promote you, but it won’t demote you either.

League Rewards

Advancing to a higher division rewards your Club with items that boost its Reputation. These rewards can include fans, kits, tifos, and stadium bundles. Each new season offers a new collection of themed Club Customization items, with the complete set unlocking in the prestigious Elite Division.

The Playoffs Phase

The playoffs phase is the pinnacle of the Clubs League season, taking place in the final week of every season. This is the time for your team to come together and compete in intense and competitive matches.

During the playoffs, you will have 10 matches to play. Unlike the league phase, draws are not available in the playoffs. Every game will have a winner, whether it’s decided in 90 or 120 minutes, or in a penalty shootout as the last resort.

Big Rewards for Your Club

Your efforts in the playoffs can lead to big rewards for your club. At the end of each Clubs League season, you and your club will receive rewards based on your performance in the playoffs.

The playoffs offer a prime opportunity to enhance your club’s reputation, as they attract global attention. However, the ultimate achievement lies in winning the Clubs League trophy.

Continuing after Playoffs

After completing the playoffs, you can still play league matches to increase your club’s reputation and skill rating. However, keep in mind that you won’t gain points towards promotion until the following season.

This means you can continue to fine-tune your strategies and improve your club’s performance even after the playoffs are over. Take advantage of this time to build your club’s reputation and prepare for the next season’s playoffs.

Next season = reset

After the playoffs comes the next season and you will keep your fans and reputation and new skill rating, but the division will be reset and you can try to fight for playoffs in a higher division for better trophies and rewards.

The playoffs phase in EA Sports FC 24 Clubs is an exciting and competitive time for your club. It’s the opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially earn big rewards for your efforts.

Make sure to give it your all during the playoffs and aim for that coveted Clubs League trophy. And remember, even after the playoffs are over, you can continue to improve your club and prepare for future seasons. Good luck!

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