Tips and Tricks for Defending in FC 24 Pro Clubs

How to defend better as a CB, wingback, CDM in Pro Clubs? Defending can be a challenging task, but with some practice and the right techniques, you can become a solid defender. If you find yourself struggling to intercept passes or getting dribbled past easily, here are some simple tips to improve your defensive skills:

1. Stay Between the Ball and the Goal

The primary goal of defending is to block passing lanes and pressure the ball. Instead of trying to do everything, focus on positioning yourself between the ball and the goal. This way, you can prevent the opponent from having a clear shot on goal.

2. Avoid Diving In for Tackles

One common mistake many defenders make is diving in for tackles too early. Instead, try to stay with the attacker and apply pressure without committing to a tackle. This will make it harder for them to get past you and give your teammates time to recover.

3. Buy Time and Push to the Wide Areas

If an opponent is running at you with the ball, it’s often better to buy time and push them towards the wide areas of the pitch. This strategy allows your teammates to catch up and makes it harder for the attacker to create a dangerous scoring opportunity.

4. Only Tackle When You’re Sure of Success

When it comes to tackling, only go for it when you’re confident you can recover the ball. Taking unnecessary risks can leave gaps in the defense and give the opponent a chance to exploit them. Be patient and wait for the right moment to make your move.

5. Force Passes to Less Dangerous Areas

Try to anticipate where the opponent will pass and position yourself to force them into less dangerous areas of the pitch. By pushing them towards less threatening zones, you can limit their options and make it harder for them to create scoring opportunities.

6. Anticipate Runs and Read the Opponent

Pay close attention to the movement of the attackers and try to anticipate the runs they will make. This will allow you to position yourself effectively and cut off passing lanes. Additionally, try to read the opponent’s intentions and predict their next move for better defensive positioning.

7. Use L2 or L2 + R2 for Defensive Agility

Make use of the L2 (LT on Xbox) or L2 + R2 (LT + RT on Xbox) buttons for defensive agility. These buttons allow you to control your player’s movement with more precision, making it easier to stick to your opponent and apply pressure without diving in for tackles.

8. Upgrade Reactions in the Physical Tree

In the skill tree, consider upgrading reactions in the physical category. This skill is often overlooked but can make a significant difference in your ability to react quickly to opponent movements, making it easier to defend effectively.

9. Play More to Learn from Experience

The best way to improve your defensive skills is to play the game more and gain experience. By playing regularly, you’ll learn from the movements and tactics of other players, allowing you to read the game better and improve your defensive decision-making.

10. Try Jockeying for 1v1 Defense

Once unlocked, try using the jockeying technique for 1v1 defense. This technique involves getting in front of the attacker’s run and using the tackle button (Circle/B on Playstation, B on Xbox) to intercept the ball. Practice this technique to become more effective in defending against individual attackers.

Remember, becoming a good defender takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if you make mistakes; learn from them and keep improving your skills. With perseverance and these tips, you’ll become a formidable defender in EA FC 24.

Please note: The above tips are based on general gameplay techniques and may vary depending on individual playing styles and updates to the game.

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