How to practice penalty kicks with your favorite players in FC 24

Okay, so here’s my guide on how to practice penalty kicks in FC 24 and also how to choose your favorite player to do it. Don’t let FIFA choose the penalty taker for you, with this guide you will be able to choose your taker yourself.

How to practice penalty kicks in FC 24?

  • Open the Lean to play -> practice arena menu in EA Sports FC 24.
  • Switch the mode to free kick within the practice arena.
  • Move your player into the penalty area and press the start button.
  • Practice penalty kicks freely in the designated area.

How to Change Practice Arena Penalty Kick Taker in FC 24

  • Access settings in the top left corner of EA Sports FC 24.
  • Navigate to Team Sheets and choose your favorite team (set as your account’s favorite).
  • Customize the formation by moving your desired penalty kick taker to the preferred position (e.g., right Defender).
  • Save the changes to the team sheet.
  • Access the Practice Arena, move your player into penalty area to start practising penalty kicks, and enjoy using your selected player (e.g., Ronaldo) as the penalty taker.

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