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EA FC 24 All Difficulty Levels

In EA Sports FC 24, when you’re about to play against the CPU AI, you can choose from six distinct difficulty levels. Selecting the right difficulty level is crucial as it makes the gameplay experience to suit the individual skills and preferences of each player. This feature is integrated within all the game modes of EA Sports FC 24 and is often customizable, although in some modes there’s a minimum or predefined difficulty level required.

Here’s a rundown of the available difficulty levels offered by the game:

  1. Beginner
  2. Amateur
  3. Semi-Pro
  4. Professional
  5. World Class
  6. Legendary
  7. Ultimate (Exclusive to Ultimate Team Mode)

The difficulty level for a match is set before kick-off in the GAME SETTINGS menu and remains fixed for the duration of the game.

In Ultimate Team 24, the chosen difficulty level influences the amount of coins awarded for a match.

Dynamics and Detailed Effects of Difficulty Levels
The difficulty level you opt for significantly affects various gameplay aspects of the AI during a single-player match. This includes the AI’s strategic intelligence, reaction speed, and its approach to marking and space control. Below is a detailed breakdown showing how each difficulty level impacts AI’s gameplay:

World Class75%75%80%80%

How to Adjust the Difficulty Level in EA Sports FC 24

To modify the level of challenge, you can adjust the difficulty setting from the GAME SETTINGS tab before proceeding to a match. It is located under the MATCH > Difficulty Level option. This setting can also be found within the CUSTOM > GAME SETTINGS menu, as well as in any location where the CUSTOM tab appears.

Players are encouraged to experiment with different difficulty levels, settling on one that aligns with their gameplay style and proficiency level. The varying difficulty levels in EA Sports FC 24 resonate with the game’s flexibility to provide an invigorating experience for novices and seasoned virtual football enthusiasts alike.

Player based difficulty in FC 24

In EA FC 24, player-based difficulty setting gives a boost to a couple of players, the ones with gray arrows above them. It’s like a special power-up, but only for two out of the eleven players, not the whole team. If you’re not into it, you can turn it off in the settings menu.

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