FIFA 20 Pro Clubs New Features?

We really hoped that EA would improve FIFA 20 Pro Clubs in a huge way, but this time it is another small ‘package’ of changes, just like the one before in FIFA 18.

“Major” changes coming for FIFA 20 Pro Clubs:

  • new avatar customization system (better face editing, new skin tones)
  • old positions are back (LF/RF,  LM/RM, LWB/RWB)
  • height and weight to have a bigger impact on gameplay
  • we can invest lots in stamina/pace , but will have to pass on other things
  • starting player rating is 80
  • 30 new traits including physical specialty (stamina, strenght etc)
  • ‘broadcast’ feel of matches
  • celebrate goals with the whole team, no zooming on one player
  • House Rules Cups that change each week
  • Practice Match vs AI (can choose their rating)
  • removed ‘any’ stamina bug, high players will be in the wall for free kicks, removed GK captain bug, can watch whole trophy celebration
  • 25 new kits and 150 crests to fight the kit clashing
  • pre match kit select for all matches

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Screenshots:

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