Tallest Goalkeepers in FC 24

There are 10 goalkeepers at 6’8 and above on FC 24. The tallest goalkeeper is Isaak Toure from Lorient towering at 6’9 which is 206 cm! In EA FC 24, having a very tall goalkeeper can provide several advantages for your team:

  1. Aerial Dominance: Tall goalkeepers have a significant advantage when dealing with high crosses, corners, and set-pieces. Their height allows them to reach and catch or punch the ball away more effectively, reducing the chances of the opposing team scoring from aerial situations.
  2. Shot Stopping: A taller goalkeeper often covers more of the goal by default, making it harder for opponents to find open spaces to place their shots. This can result in more blocked shots and increased difficulty for the opposing team to score.
  3. Commanding Presence: The mere presence of a tall goalkeeper can intimidate opposing players, affecting their decision-making and shot placement. A commanding and confident goalkeeper can inspire the defenders in front of them and contribute to a solid defensive unit.
  4. One-on-One Situations: In one-on-one situations with an attacker, a tall goalkeeper has a larger physical presence, making it more challenging for the opponent to find the net. The goalkeeper’s reach can be a game-changer in stopping close-range shots.
  5. Defending Crosses: Tall goalkeepers are particularly effective at dealing with crosses into the box. They can catch or punch the ball away, reducing the likelihood of dangerous situations in the penalty area.
  6. Goal Kick Distribution: Taller goalkeepers often have a longer reach, which can contribute to more accurate and powerful goal kicks. This can be crucial for quick counter-attacks and transitioning from defense to offense.

While height is just one factor in determining a goalkeeper’s overall effectiveness, it can play a significant role in specific aspects of the game. EA FC 24, like real football and like FIFA 23, often replicates the importance of having a reliable and commanding presence between the goalposts, and a tall goalkeeper can certainly enhance your team’s defensive capabilities.

Tallest GKs in FC 24 (they are also on FIFA 23)

Goalkeeper NameFC 24 TeamHeightIn-game rating
Isaak ToureLorient6’9″ / 206cm70
Tomas HolyCarlisle6’9″ / 206cm62
Andries NoppertSC Heerenveen6’8″ / 203cm76
Corey AddaiCrawley Town6’8″ / 203cm57
Matthew NocitaNY Red Bulls6’8″ / 203cm57
Cian TylerCoventry6’8″ / 203cm56
Vanja Milinkovic-SavicTorino6’8″ / 202cm76
Skelly AlveroLyon6’8″ / 202cm69
List of the tallest goalkeepers in FC 24 game
  1. Isaak Toure (Lorient): Towering at 6’9″, Isaak Toure is an imposing figure in the goal for Lorient. His height gives him an advantage in aerial duels and makes him a formidable presence during set-pieces.
  2. Tomas Holy (Carlisle): Another goalkeeper standing at an impressive 6’9″, Tomas Holy of Carlisle is known for his commanding presence in the penalty area. His height contributes to his shot-stopping abilities, making it challenging for attackers to find the net.
  3. Andries Noppert (SC Heerenveen): Standing at 6’8″, Andries Noppert is a reliable goalkeeper for SC Heerenveen. His height aids in covering the goal efficiently, and he is known for his quick reflexes and shot-blocking skills.
  4. Corey Addai (Crawley Town): At 6’8″, Corey Addai guards the goal for Crawley Town with determination. His imposing stature and agility make him a formidable last line of defense, providing stability to the team’s backline.
  5. Matthew Nocita (NY Red Bulls): Matthew Nocita, at 6’8″, is a rising talent in the goalkeeping position for NY Red Bulls. His height, coupled with his athleticism, makes him a promising prospect with the ability to make crucial saves.
  6. Cian Tyler (Coventry): Coventry’s goalkeeper Cian Tyler, standing at 6’8″, is a presence to be reckoned with in the box. His tall frame gives him an advantage in dealing with crosses and high balls, contributing to the team’s defensive solidity.
  7. Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (Torino): At 6’8″, Vanja Milinkovic-Savic guards the goal for Torino. Known for his shot-stopping abilities and command of the penalty area, he adds a layer of security to the team’s defense, especially in one-on-one situations.
  8. Skelly Alvero (Lyon): Lyon’s Skelly Alvero, standing at 6’8″, is a commanding presence in the midfield. While not a traditional goalkeeper, his height and position as a CDM make him a valuable asset in defensive transitions, aerial duels, and disrupting the opponent’s play.

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