EA FC Pro Clubs Cross-Play Confirmed

Hello everyone, let’s dive into some exciting updates on how you’ll be able to leverage cross-platform play in EA SPORTS FC 24.

In EA FC 24, EA is taking a big leap by expanding cross-play into all multiplayer online modes. This means players can join forces with friends across different platforms or compete against teams that are a combination of various platforms in any game mode where crossplay is activated.

To keep the competitive balance, the feature will be based on the platform generation a player is using. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC gamers can enjoy cross-platform play together, and the same goes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. However, it’s important to note that the Nintendo Switch is excluded from any cross-platform play.

Clubs, Co-op Season, Volta and Ultimate Team with Cross Platform

We’re excited to reveal that cross-play has extended into several modes in EA SPORTS FC 24, such as Clubs, Co-Op Season, VOLTA FOOTBALL™ (including both Arcade and Squads), and Ultimate Team™ Co-Op (which encompasses Squad Battles, Rivals, and Friendlies). Moreover, cross-play will remain available in Ultimate Team (Rivals, Champions, Online Draft, Online Friendlies, Play a Friend), Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons.

By default, when you start up EA SPORTS FC 24 for the first time, cross-play will be activated unless your personal settings state otherwise. EA Social remains the central social hub where you can manage game invites and your friends across platforms. Inviting friends to games remains as straightforward as last year: you can interact with the full EA Social view in Clubs and Volta Football to invite your friends, and use a simplified version in all other modes. EA Social also allows you to manage your cross-platform friends, find and add new friends, and even block or mute players if necessary.

Cross platform leaderboards

The game’s leaderboards will be influenced by whether you opt into cross-play or not. So, if you choose to enable cross-play, you’ll see all cross-platform players or clubs. On the other hand, if you opt out, you’ll only see players or clubs on the same platform. In Clubs leaderboards, your club will not be associated with a specific platform, and you’ll see all clubs regardless of your cross-play status.

Another key factor that will be influenced by your cross-play status is the lobbies. The host of the match is the one who decides if a lobby is opted in or not, and this cannot be changed once set. To adjust the cross-play status of a lobby, all players will need to leave, the host must modify their cross-play settings and then re-invite their friends. The lobby will clearly indicate whether it is cross-play enabled or not.

The same rules apply to Clubs lobbies. If you’re part of a club and want to play with friends on a different platform, you must have crossplay enabled to enter the lobby with them. If you’re the club manager and have opted out of cross-play, you will not see transfer requests from cross-platform players until you change your opt-in status. Similarly, if you have opted out of cross-play, you will only see players in that club that are on the same platform when viewing club information.

Overall, EA SPORTS FC 24 is shaping up to be a major advancement in terms of cross-platform play, further enriching the gaming experience for players worldwide. Whether it’s forming a club with friends on different platforms or climbing up the leaderboards, this feature is set to revolutionize how we play.

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