FIFA 23 Alt Tab Disconnect Glitch Fix

Introduced in FIFA 17 and still on FIFA 23 on PC – when you accidentally Alt + Tab from the game (or get alt-tabbed by Windows Update or antivirus) you simply get disconnected from the match you were playing and get a forfeit. That was made to prevent cheaters, but it didn’t really help with that, instead it just bothers normal players. How can you fix that?

What causes FIFA to alt-tab (minimize)?

Ofcourse, we used to do it sometime when it’s halftime or an opponent has gone AFK and there’s just free time to spare and we’d go do something else for these 40 seconds or more, like check an e-mail or change a song that’s currently playing. But what if FIFA minimizes without our intention?

Firstly you can check what makes your FIFA window to minimize and alt-tab. Most common reasons is antivirus, for instance its update – you can disable these notifications in your antivirus settings.

Origin application itself is also very common troublemaker. Make sure to disable their notifications by going in Origin to Application settings – Notifications and disable all notifications and sounds.

Some people reported that selecting high performance in power settings of Windows has helped them.

Probably the best solution though seems to be using an external software to play FIFA on PC in borderless window mode. This can be done using applications like: Borderless Gaming or Fullscreenizer. Personally I’m using this method and I haven’t had any alt-tab disconnect in Pro Clubs or in Ultimate Team since. These little apps make FIFA run in borderless window and this way FIFA process cannot be traditionally alt-tabbed.

Also, when contacting EA helpdesk, their support recommends doing this, you can try it aswell if nothing else helps:

Run a Clean Boot on your PC, kindly follow these steps:
Please note, there may be slight variations in the process depending on the operating system version that you are running:
1. Press and hold the ‘Windows’ Key followed by the ‘R’ key to open up a prompt window.
2. In the prompt window, type ‘msconfig.’
3.When you have finished typing, click OK. At this point, you should now see the multi-tabbed System Configuration dialog box.
4. Click on the ‘General’ tab
5. Choose the ‘Selective startup’ option
6. Uncheck the ‘Load startup items’ box.
7. Open the ‘Services’ tab.
8. Check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option at the bottom of the tab.
9. Click the ‘Disable all’ button.
10. When prompted, restart your computer.

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