Save Pro Clubs: Players Demand Fixes to Pro Clubs in FIFA 23

FIFA 23, one of the flagship products of EA Sports, has been under fire recently due to persistent issues with its Pro Clubs mode. What should be an exciting, community-focused aspect of the game has become a point of frustration and disappointment for many players. This dissatisfaction has culminated in a social media campaign, ‘Save Pro Clubs,’ to encourage EA Sports to address and fix the ongoing problems.

#SaveProClubs campaign on Twitter

The campaign is rapidly gaining traction, with a poignant message from Virtual Pro Gaming going viral on Twitter. The post called out EA Sports, EA FIFA Direct, and EA in general, describing the current state of affairs as unacceptable. Players who have invested in FIFA 23 find their experience significantly diminished by a ‘broken’ Pro Clubs mode, which reportedly has been faulty for over a month.

Despite multiple attempts from users to reach out to EA for resolution, the tweet claimed that the company has made little to no effort to address the issue. Instead, it appears to the disgruntled community that EA is prioritizing other aspects of the game, such as the highly profitable FUT packs.

Virtual Pro Gaming further referred to an issue reported on the EA tracker, highlighting that a resolution was nowhere in sight. Ironically, the issue, once fixed, returned after a subsequent update, causing even more frustration for the community as it worsened the game mode.

The crux of the message underlined that the passionate Pro Clubs players deserve answers and respect. A sentiment clearly felt across the player base, given the traction the ‘Save Pro Clubs’ campaign is gaining. It brings to light the fact that a significant number of players solely purchase the game for its Pro Clubs mode, underscoring the importance of this issue to the FIFA community.

As the campaign continues to grow, it remains to be seen how EA will respond. For the sake of its loyal customers and the reputation of FIFA 23, let’s hope that these concerns are taken seriously and addressed swiftly. It’s high time that the Pro Clubs mode lived up to the rest of the game’s standards, ensuring that all players get the immersive, fun gaming experience they’ve paid for.

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