FIFA 18 featuring FIFA Street?

Gamescom is happening right now and there are reports from players that you can play the FIFA Street mode in FIFA 18.

It’s only a leak right now, but it seems to be true. Fans asked for the come back of FIFA Street for years and EA said it’s possible, but “we’ll see in the future”. The future is already here?

For now it seems that FIFA Street is only a mode that you can play within the Journey mode, so you can’t play it online in FUT or in Pro Clubs. That might change though if EA decides to bring it back big time. It might come out as a free or paid DLC or just come for real in FIFA 19. Creative director of FIFA 18 said that FIFA Street won’t feature as a full mode in FIFA 18, but we can hope.

Who wouldn’t like a FIFA Street mode online to play in Ultimate Team¬†or in Pro Clubs? It would be great if done¬†properly.

Edit: 27 September 2017. Unfortunately it happens to be only one game within the Journey mode where you play as Alex Hunter. Only ont match like this and that’s all of “FIFA Street” in FIFA 18.

FIFA 20 introduced that FIFA Street mode and called it VOLTA.

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