Alternatives for Pro Clubs?

Are there any alternatives to our beloved FIFA Pro Clubs mode? Well, it depends, it’s a no and a yes.

Unfortunately, game of FIFA hasn’t had much of competition in recent years. There has only been Pro Evolution Soccer games, which were not that great and they did not have any form of Pro Clubs mode, where you can create your own player and play in a team.

But there is an PC indie game scene and one alternative that I could find recently is a game called: Pro Soccer Online. It’s a game played in 1st or 3rd person with multiplayer and it’s physics based with input driven gameplay. Also, no pay to win mechanics.

Pro Soccer Online Steam page

Sounds perfect, right? It’s just that for 2023 it’s still in early access and it comes with bad graphics, but it’s definitely a game that has potential to be a really fun FIFA Pro Clubs alternative.

What about other football games? There’s a couple of them, but none really capture that Pro Clubs mechanics or gameplay. Let’s list some alternatives that are a bit different to FIFA:

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions
  • eFootball™ 2023
  • Pixel Cup Soccer – Ultimate Edition
  • Kopanito All-Stars Soccer
  • Football Manager 2023
  • New Star Soccer 5
  • Soccer Story
  • Golazo! 2
  • FootLOL: Epic Soccer League
  • Man of the Match

Does eFootball have pro clubs mode?

No, eFootball does not have a Pro Clubs mode like FIFA. eFootball is a football simulation video game developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment, and its online mode mainly focuses on online multiplayer matches between two players or teams.

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