FIFA 17 Pro Clubs blue green hair

How to get blue/green hair in FIFA 17 Pro Clubs?

In FIFA 17 there’s no blue, green or giant afro to choose from when making or editing your player. But you can have blue, green or giant afro hair if you had them applied on your player in FIFA 16 and then you launched FIFA 17 – it imports then into new FIFA. If you didn’t do that there’s a way to fix it. We don’t use any hacks in this tutorial.

  1. Delete your FIFA 17 Online Pro Data 1 (it might be different if you have FIFA in different language).
  2. Launch FIFA 16 and put blue or other hair on your FIFA 16 Online Virtual Pro.
  3. Go back to FIFA 17 pro clubs and you will have your blue, green or giant afro hair again as it will port your FIFA 16 Virtual Pro back into FIFA 17.

Note: you can do this only on one system or console, meaning if you have FIFA 17 on PC, you have to import your FIFA 16 PC pro into new game.

Doing these steps will not reset your stats in FIFA 17, meaning goals, assists and overall virtual pro progress, as all of this data is stored remotely on EA servers.

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One Comment

  1. Has this been patched since posting?

    Tried this method last night after reinstalling Fifa 16 but when i went back in to Fifa 17 my new player was just a generic build without hair.


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