How to register a player profile on PRO11?

Welcome to the PRO11. Your captains should have registered your club by now, the next step is for you to register your own player to be able to play in the league matches. Please do the following;

1. Make sure you have registered your own personal account on the website, if not, please make one and log in PRO11 website.

2. Once logged in, go to the top of the website and you will see this  symbol, hover over it and click ‘Player’ from the dropdown menu.

3. Everything you need to concentrate on is on the right side of the page. After you have entered your player name (match your ingame fifa Known As name) at the top, and biography if you want to, start looking at the right hand side boxes.

 – it has to be your “Known As” from FIFA.

4. You need to edit everything in the ‘Details box’  and also the ‘Metrics’ box. It is simple enough but if you are struggling, this is the complete list of things you need to edit: Squad Number, Nationality, Positions, Current Teams, Competitions, Seasons, Origin ID. Only Height and Weight are optional.

5. As it is Season 1 it is very simple, each information box you are editing has only a few options to pick from if not one, for example, the Seasons box only has ‘Season 1’ to pick from etc, so pick this.

6. You can add a photo if you want otherwise once you are finished go to the top and at the right click ‘Submit for Review’, wait for the admin to accept, usually within 3 hours.

Any problems please ask your captains and they will try to help you or contact an admin. Please do not create any stupid players.

Thank you.

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