Captain Notes #1

Captain Notes #1

These notes are a series of important updates, news, messages and changes that you must read whenever they appear. 


So far the season is going well but we have a few major problems with many match results, these are;

  1. Incorrect screenshots
  2. No match ‘Known As’ for some players
  3. Not uploading match result in time

1. Many matches are missing the Away team Assists screenshot, this is very important as it acts as our proof of who played. We will remind you there are only 4 screenshots you need. Facts, Stats, Away Assists & Home Assists (FASH). You don’t need ratings, player performance or anything else, this is very simple.

2. Nearly every team has 50% wrong Known As. Each player’s ‘known as’ needs to match the website player name they have. They do not need to be exact, just enough so the captains can identify who is who on the results page, for example, LH_John1990 is on the website, in game, he need only be ‘LH_John’ etc, please get this right. Perhaps remind everyone before you play each match. Go into Edit Pro, names and details, there you will find Known As. Players can change their name on the website as well.

3. This is only minor but some teams are not uploading results in good time. The winning team does the entering with the hopes of ‘eagerness’ to upload quickly. Some teams are taking 2 days, we expect the results to be done within 2 hours. If the result is a Draw, the home team still enters and the other captain should check. Also, the captain that did not upload the result should check every result anyway, what happens if they missed out on a goal you scored by ‘mistake’…

4. There is a new ‘MotM‘ (man of the match) feature when entering a result. You can find the MotM from FIFA’s stat rating at the end of the match, OR, you can decide as a captain or a team. You do not have to enter anything, but its a nice reward to give to someone you felt played well.

That is all, continue arranging matches and remember, those teams that are having a hard time starting, things will improve as you gain practice.


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