How to get five star club?

How to get five star club on Pro Clubs in FIFA?

As you climb up in league divisions of pro clubs in FIFA, you might get yourself stuck on 4,5 star club, even if you have won First Division Title and/or the hardest Cup.

Getting five star club on Pro Clubs is a little bit harder than that, you have to get a minimum of 6000 points on the Club Season Rankings leaderboard.

Last question you might ask: how does a club get points on a club leaderboard? It’s 3 points for win and 1 point for draw in any division and there are bonus points for division hold, division win or division title. For example for division 1 hold your club will get 150 points added to the leaderboard.

That’s it. Once you get 5 star club you will unlock a few best stadiums that you can play on your team matches, including Old Trafford or Wembley.

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  1. Simplest way to check the points of your club is to go to club leaderboards then display the “friends club list”. Yours will be in it and points are displayed there.

  2. Does any know or knows of a website that shows exactly what points you get for what i.e each league or each cup competitions.

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