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    christopher hunt

    I have experience from FVPA AND VPA from my time from playing on the console in division 1 and was in one of the top clubs on their awhile ago. I started playing fifa on PC a couple years ago and now want to get back into competitive leagues and start challenging again. I have always played ST and thats where i believe I am best, I can play a few other roles very well as well. The way i play is obviously to get behind the defence and get that ball in the goal, but i also prefer to play it about and feed my wings/cam in if its the better option. I have always been clinical infront of goal aswell as getting my teammates goals, i play it short most of the time unless i know i can get a through ball through to play someone in. My origin id is SSGGunter so if you are interested add me and ill try out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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