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    Console: PC
    Club name: Techsturbation
    Size of Club: 10
    Position(s) Wanted: ST,RW,GK, CB
    Region: UK / Western Europe
    Trial needed?: Yes, 2 days of playing 2,3 hours.
    Club style:Competitive (proleague and pro11)
    Additional Info:

    Looking for SERIOUS, ACTIVE, LOYAL players for LONG RUN.
    This is a serious club and very focused on TEAM-PLAY.
    We prefer to build a 433 game with lots of posession and simple a pasing.

    Time Schedule :All day. but its important that you are online 8pm – 11pm GMT.

    We use TeamSpeak for voice communications. (English)

    Please Add chipsa55 to arrange some game time.


    hi guys im ST from germany 28yrs old
    very experienced and active with mic.
    u can add me origin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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