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    We are proleague, 2nd/1st division team. We are full team but we want to make our team more competitive within club so we want to have 2 players on each position. We are playing 433, so we need LW,ST,RW,CM,CDM,LB,RB,GK. DOnt worry this doesnt mean u wont play, it means we will play each day together if we will have 16 player online we will play agains each other or play in 2 clubs 8 separate. WE just wont some healthy competition inside club. Every one welcome, but we prefer serious active people.
    add chipsa55 on origin.


    yo guys, u can add.
    ST active strong experienced.


    New Club ,,Road One,, (old times a very good club on ps4 league 1 with many titles)

    NOW ON PC !
    Join us and have fun! Div 9 at the moment, but we rushin to div 1 !!

    add origin DeZziuM1989

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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