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    You can reply to this topic following the guidelines posted below with your appeal.


    Please try to provide a bit of detail and information in your appeal so we can understand exactly what happened.
    Thanks and Goodluck – Ronan


    username: zoepersam #4130
    Why was i banned: i tagged someone on a gif
    when where you banned: a few months ago
    why should i bee unbanned: i think i did nothing wrong someone insulted me and i gave him a salty gif
    Who banned you: no idea


    Discord Name & ID number: tobiasburrows #8593

    Why are you banned: having banter but took it too far.
    When were you banned: June
    Why you should be unbanned : Just trying to find players for my team and have a good time in the clubs community and arrange fixtures. I apologize 🙂
    Who banned you: Admins.


    Why are you banned : I have no clue i wanted to leave Revival Discord and deleted pro11 discord and now i get banned.

    When were you banned : Just yesterday

    Why should u be unbanned : because i didnt do anything wrong and wanna search a new team 🙂

    Who banned me ? : one of the admins.

    Discordname : EuropeGaming.tv#6825

    rens boogerd

    Discord name: EppicNinjaBunny🐰🥕#7518
    Reason of ban: making a joke about your reputation of always being two days late.
    date of ban: 08-12-2018 (European notation)
    argument of unbanning: No form of comedy is forbidden, unless discrimination or intended harm is used. Since I did not do that (I quoute: “So it will be released on Tuesday”) there is no reason to kick or ban me.
    Person who through the hammer: I don’t know, probably Red-Saman

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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