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    In early access FIFA 18 version there’s a bug where captain always gets disconnected before the game starts. Drop ins are fine, but club matches are affected.

    You can reply/upvote on EA forums to make sure they see that there’s an issue:


    Temporary solution:

    1- Someone takes captinancy and gets kicked before arena. (Take it in turns?)
    2- Everyone else plays the match
    3- The kicked player needs to rejoin the lobby in his position before the end of the current match
    4- The whole team must click ‘next match’ after the match is completed
    5- As long as the lobby finds a match, 100% nobody will disconnect
    6- Repeat this and play and play until either the auto lobby doesn’t find a match or the opposing team quit half way through.


    The issue is acknowledged by EA and they’re looking at time stamps, so it should be resolved soon, hopefully.


    The unofficial fix is:

    The captain has to have voice chat enabled. If he has then nobody disconnects.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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