How to arrange a match?

Each matchweek a club plays two matches. First take a look at the fixtures list and see who are you up against. Click on the club that will be your opponent and you’ll see who’s the club captain there.

To arrange a match you need to contact the opponent’s club captain. You can do this by sending a private message in his profile and also by adding him on Origin(we recommend you do this), you can also talk in the captain chat in discord -the best way. You can then discuss the best day to play the match within the matchweek and the exact time to do so.

You should play the match in the correct matchweek, but if there’s a reason then playing it slightly late is allowed.

Make sure to show up on time that you’ve agreed to play, you can be late max 15 minutes. Then just lobby up in FIFA and search for the club you’ll be playing against and send them request for a friendly.

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  1. There are 5 players of my club online and noobe in the lobby how to invite them i cant even add them 🙄🙄🙄

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