FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features

On 10th of August 2017 FIFA 18 Beta for Pro Clubs and other modes kicked in, so we have some new features and improvements that we can look at in the new FIFA.

Some new features or improved features in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs include:

  • Hairstyles in every length
  • Celebrations
  • Kit Designs
  • Kit Colours
  • Custom Away Kits
  • Set Play styles
  • Match Room Player roles
  • Match Room Layout
  • Player Growth

In the lobby before searching for the match you can choose and select corner takers, penalty takers, free kick takers and the captain who will wear the armband. In FIFA 18 you can finally customize your club’s away kit. The traits tree is totally different as seen in the screenshot below, now it’s more like spider web, so to unlock a certain skill you have to unlock these before.

For your player you can choose up to three different player styles or builds, for instance you can have different player builds like CAM, CB and GK and you can switch between them by pressing one button.

Progression bars for acquiring next level in passing, shooting etc are now percentage values. The player growth is quite revamped. For instance, to get five star skills for your player you need to purchase four stages of dribbling (four skill points) to gain just +1 skill move, so it costs a lot.

Here’s some screenshots from the FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Match Lobby:

There’s some new formations: 3-5-1-1, 3-1-4-2 and 4-1-3-2. Penalties are back to the way they were in FIFA 16. There’s no tattoos like rumours said. Only a few new hairstyles, some new beards and a few new celebrations (for example crossing hands (X) by Lewandowski)

Interesting and fun feature is that you can react with your player using emotes in game by pressing directions on the D-Pad – you can thank your teammate for the pass or taunt your opponent, here’s a video of it. Drop in matches are still only 5 vs 5.

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Below you can find some screenshots from the FIFA 18 Pro Clubs beta.

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  1. But can we control the MAX number of opposition players (limit to matching your own team size) so we can finally prevent being completely outnumbered and unbalanced matches.

    1. Amen 2that, I’ve been praying 4 this 4years dunno y they changed it from old stystem where u could c who u were playing before game starts. Especially now there’s seasons and it’s more competitive

  2. Sucks that you’re not able to buy AI-players to the positions that are not used by teammates. Should be more like ultimate team in that sense, instead of generic players.

  3. Hey guys, has the game face feature returned? Made playing with your pro a little more realistic and fun. Was noticeably missing last year on 17.

  4. Why the player in proclub runs away from the ball while my friends pass to me ?!
    Also when you run with the ball sometimes he requests the ball while he has the ball !
    Fifa17 better than 18 at Proclub !!

  5. Also its hard to run to another way ! Like if you are running straight you likely have to stop and change the way !

  6. I Just started pro clubs for the first time but my player from last year was gone does anyone know if i can Get my player back?

    1. We’ve yet to test it but apprarently the captains from both teams must have game voice chat enabled from the FIFA launcher, and then both captains must be the first into the lobby and position before the rest of the team join, let us know.

  7. Can somebody help me PLEASE

    My player has been on 87 rating for awhile now but every pro club match I play I can’t get any traits.. and it’s really bugging me can someone help me
    Ps. I have also deleted my pro and got it back again but no changes .

  8. My brother and i have a pro clubs team. However he has moved back home. He has a playstation account. Is their anyway we can both play pro clubs on the 1 playstation and tv? if we both log into our accounts

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