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News and reliable informations about FIFA 18 Pro Clubs mode.


Best Funny Pro Clubs Player Names

Are you looking for some good and/or funny Pro Clubs player names for your FIFA 20 virtual player pro? Here’s a little list, be sure to leave a comment with other good ones too! Ruud Van Nippleroy Pique Boo Issac M’dick Peter File Bacary Lasagna EdCar Davids Caradonna Zinadine Sedan What a save! Whoops! SpangeBoob […]

FIFA 18 featuring FIFA Street?

Gamescom is happening right now and there are reports from players that you can play the FIFA Street mode in FIFA 18. It’s only a leak right now, but it seems to be true. Fans asked for the come back of FIFA Street for years and EA said it’s possible, but “we’ll see in the […]

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Gameplay

As FIFA 18 Beta for Pro Clubs mode is out, here’s some gameplay from the game. People who played beta say that goalkeepers are different for the worse comparing it to FIFA 17 Pro Clubs, but the passing is more crisp. Below you can find some clips of the gameplay of Pro Clubs in FIFA […]

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features

On 10th of August 2017 FIFA 18 Beta for Pro Clubs and other modes kicked in, so we have some new features and improvements that we can look at in the new FIFA. Some new features or improved features in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs include: Hairstyles in every length Celebrations Kit Designs Kit Colours Custom […]

Glitches in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs (99 overall)

In FIFA 17 there were some glitches that allowed players to get double the max trait points. Ofcourse using such glitches is not allowed when playing in competitive leagues. In FIFA 18 there’s a small glitch that allows you to get 5 star weak foot at a minimal cost. Go to Player Traits -< Shooting […]

How to control all players? Any position

In every installment of FIFA game, including FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 in Pro Clubs you can control all players on the pitch even if you don’t have 11 human players. This is possible by using the ANY position. One player chooses to play as ANY and then he controls all players that aren’t controlled […]