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FIFA 17 game news, new title updates and such.


FIFA 17 on Origin and EA Access

FIFA 17 on Origin Access on PC will be available on April 22th, same with EA Access on Xbox One. Origin and EA Access are both $4.99 a month or $30 per year. Aside from FIFA17 you can play a lot of games when you’re still paying the subscription, including FIFA 16, FIFA 15, Star Wars: […]

FIFA 17 Title Update 4

The fourth title update for FIFA 17 just rolled out on PC and it will be available on PS4 and XboxOne soon too. There’s nothing specific for Pro Clubs mode, only two fixes in the gameplay that might be worthwhile. Here’s the full list of changes: Addressed the following in FIFA Ultimate team: Displaying correct kit […]

FIFA 17 Title Update – Patch 1.03

Today, on 10th November 2016 FIFA 16 on PC, XboxOne and PS4 got a second update which is a patch 1.03. Here’s the list of changes it brings: Visual / Presentation changes: Several new or updated player faces rendered for accurate character likeness. General overlay adjustments. Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the […]

FIFA 17 Patch #1

The first FIFA 17 patch has been enrolled on PC and when you open Origin it will download automatically. It has 700MB. Hey FIFA Fans, The first title update for FIFA 17 is now available on PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are due at a later date. For updates on when it’s live for […]

FIFA 17 Pro Clubs gets overhaul

EA Sports has announced on this years Gamescom that Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 17 is getting a few improvements it needed for a long time now. Pro Clubs hasn’t been updated in a few years now, beside EA’s adding a few new hairstyles every year, so it’s surely a great news for all the […]

New features for Pro Clubs in FIFA 17?

EA Sports official said in this interview about FIFA 17 that: “we have big plans for Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs and we will announce more at gamescom”. Gamescom this year will be held as usual in Cologne from 17th to 21th August 2016. Let’s hope EA will improve Pro Clubs in FIFA 17 a big […]