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How to arrange a match?

Each matchweek a club plays two matches. First take a look at the fixtures list and see who are you up against. Click on the club that will be your opponent and you’ll see who’s the club captain there. To arrange a match you need to contact the opponent’s club captain. You can do this […]

How to join the league?

If you want to join the PRO11 FIFA competition, you need to be a club captain that can play at least 5 players each game, preferably a team that is above division 3, otherwise it will be hard for you to have an enjoyable experience. If the season is running you can pre sign up […]

How to register a player profile on PRO11?

Welcome to the PRO11. Your captains should have registered your club by now, the next step is for you to register your own player to be able to play in the league matches. Please do the following; 1. Make sure you have registered your own personal account on the website, if not, please make one and […]